Dear Friends-

I am deeply honored that you have once again placed your trust in me and my team to lead the Western Pacific Region as your Regional Vice President. I would like to thank Garth Koleszar and Scott Conde for their commitment and years of service to our region and NATCA.

I will be on vacation with Mrs. G until Saturday August 8th.


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I am Hamid “Ham” Ghaffari and I would like to welcome you to our website. The mantra for my first term was “Trust, Honor, and Integrity”. These continue to be my core principles that have enabled us to achieve our goals and carry them forward. The goal posts and benchmarks for success have not changed. It was and always will be about Team Work, Activism, Education, and Unity.

We only have to look to the recent past to realize that our best recipe for success is to stand together. And that when we look further back in our history we know we will most likely face those same challenges again. It is not enough to say that we have been successful but we must rather look to the future and what more can we do.

The work is, by no means, completed. There remains much to do. It is team-work, activism, education, innovation, organization, and unity that the Regional Leadership Team shall continue to bring to the Western Pacific Region and its very valued members. Please enjoy our site and always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President