1. We will continue to improve our communications both internally and externally for the region and ensure timely responses to emails, phone calls, and requests for assistance. We will continue to use other communication methods such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to reach as many NATCA members as possible. Information and Knowledge is critical to our future success.
  1. We will continue to use new technology such as Go To Meeting to provide new facility rep indoctrination and orientation “On-boarding”, so that our Facility Reps can hit the ground running while they wait for a NATCA Basic Rep Training Class.
  1. We will drive NATCA’s legislative efforts from good to great and will continue to challenge other regions to do the same. We must also continue to increase the NATCA majority in Congress, which has been done through the exceptional legislative activism of our dedicated activists.  Our legislative activism has been able to grow exponentially over the last several years and we could not be prouder of our team’s accomplishments.
  1. We will continue to provide mentorship opportunities on our regional legislative team and Labor Relations team, while creating new opportunities on Constitution, Finance, OWCP, OSHA, Safety, etc.
  1. We will refine and roll out a new NWP leadership mentoring plan. Our current leadership mentorship plan allows activists to shadow the NWP RVP during NEB meetings to get a first hand look at how our national executive board functions.
  1. We will make sure that we continue to follow through with our efforts to overhaul regional and national NATCA training. We must ensure that you have easy access to the best training in Labor Relations, Activism, Leadership, Communication, Safety Training as well as regular day to day operation of your Local.
  1. We will make sure to schedule, as a minimum, a monthly training session on a particular topic, i.e. Basic Watch Schedule negotiations, via Go To Meeting for Facility reps and any interested members spread across three (3) days. You will help determine the line up of the training.  Based on your input, we will look at increasing the number and frequency of the topics and the classes.
  1. We will continue to remain on our course of fiscal responsibility and integrity. I will continue to work directly with our NWP Finance Lead Paul Kim and regional leadership team to make the best possible use of our resources.  We must prioritize membership attendance at CFS, NATCA in Washington, Regional meetings, and the national Convention. We will ensure that our top priority in spending is to continue to provide opportunities of training for our newer Facility Reps and activists.  We will continue to provide financial assistance to smaller level facilities to ensure that local finances will not be a roadblock to participation.
  1. We will schedule quarterly District visits by the RVP and the NWP leadership team to create opportunities for facility reps and members to engage the leadership team. This will enable us to visit one district per quarter and facilitate face-to-face discussions with the RVP and the NWP leadership team.
  1. We will continue to provide monthly updates from your Regional Leads as well as from my leadership team and myself. We will distribute the updates via the various list serves as well as on the NWP Facebook page with links from Twitter and Instagram. By getting the widest dissemination possible, we will have a well-informed membership that is fully aware of their rights and responsibilities and what their union is doing on their behalf.
  1. We will continue to update and overhaul the NWP website to ensure that it remains the best regional website in NATCA. It should be a place that all NWP members go to first for what they need.
  1. We will continue to increase the Western Pacific Regions presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube; and continue to develop the NWP/RVP Twitter account to help keep the membership in the loop.  We will also look at developing Twitter accounts for our various teams such as Legislative, Safety, Finance, etc.
  1. We will continue to ensure that your priorities are held just as valuable as any other part of the organization. We will continue to ensure that the WP remains a powerful voice on the NATCA National Executive Board to ensure that all the needs of the Western Pacific Region are given the priority they deserve.
  1. We will continue to involve the Membership and expand our Regional team. We need to keep seeking out the best and brightest activists to take us beyond my service and into the future. We have come a long way but there will always be more work to do. By building our team now we will be ready for any challenges that we face in the future.
  1. We will continue to lead by example and be a consummate professional at work and away from work. If I fail to meet expectations then I cannot expect the same of your leadership team. We need to live up to all of the above goals and then go beyond them if we are to be successful together. I have very high standards for myself and hold your Representatives to the same. I expect as much commitment and dedication from those that serve you as I do from myself.

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President