I have been a proud member of the Western Pacific Region for over 5 years. Ham has been the RVP during that entire stretch. I have seen this region continue to move in one direction, forward. That is what I feel Ham has instilled here in the West, forward thinking. No other region even comes close to having so many different advocates engaged at a hands on level. While there are many different ways to approach any given issue, I think that Ham has always taken the approach of educating, engaging, and training as many folks as possible to be prepared to answer the bell if and when called upon. As a Facrep in this region, Ham has always been there to offer advice, support, and mentorship.

There have been countless issues where Ham could have simply given me a fish, but instead took it as an opportunity to teach me how to fish. That is his style and it has remained constant ever since I first met the man. While there is always room to improve on engaging, training and preparing the reps of the future, I believe Ham’s philosophy and dedication will continue to move our region forward.

I proudly endorse and support Ham Ghaffari as RVP of this great region.


Aaron Katz
Principal Facility Representative
Phoenix Tracon
work-(602) 306-2582
Cell- (480) 307-4580

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President