I am once again supporting Ham Ghaffari for NATCA Western Pacific Regional Vice President.

Years ago at one of the regional meetings, I got a chance to talk with Ham for the first time. During the conversation he encouraged me to pursue my interests within NATCA and to get more involved. He explained the importance of having members like myself step up and volunteer so that our region and NATCA would continue to flourish. He inspired me and I have tried to assist our local in any way needed which led to me running for Facrep.

I know Ham has done a lot for our region, but I and my local have been able to witness first hand his leadership and guidance abilities, and how he can assist a troubled facility with a well placed support team.

As a new Facrep, I was uncertain how I would perform with challenges I faced. I had to deal with a manager who fought the local in every way possible. Our facility was in a bad place, and it needed to be fixed!

Ham directed my ARVP, the Regional LR lead, and the facility LR lead to work with me. I was involved in every action. Ham could have taken matters out of my hand, fixed it, then given it back to me, but instead, he kept me involved because he wanted me to learn. Together, we were able to make changes that put my facility in a better place.

Ham also ensured that we got more collaboration training to build and repair the broken relationship. I am happy to say that my relationship with the ATM is getting better.

The uncertainty I had was replaced with confidence due to the encouragement and guidance of Ham, who supported me every step of the way.

Ham’s leadership and guidance has been invaluable, and he continues to inspire me to do more within our region and for NATCA.

Anthony Bunch
Facility Representative
John Wayne Tower

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President