Commitment, Communication and Consistency. Since Ham has been the RVP, he has always exemplified these three core values to Guam Center. The previous facrep was here when Ham took over for the region, and the former facrep has said that Ham has always been committed to the well-being of our facility. Since we have taken office, Ham has consistently proven that he not only cares about Guam, but every small facility in the region. With such a large region and so many facilities, we are always amazed at how well Ham communicates with our local when we have questions or concerns. Even though we are thousands of miles away and in such different time zones, Ham has never let us down with communication. We are proud to endorse Ham in the upcoming election and urge everyone in the region to vote for Ham. His proven leadership has made this region great and Ham will continue to guide us in the right direction.

ZUA E-board

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President