I know that all of those running for the Western Pacific Region, Regional Vice President position have the best interests of NATCA and the region at heart, and I believe that their ideas should be respected and brought to the table, but I am supporting the re-election of Hamid Ghaffari. Ham has worked tirelessly to build up the strength of our region and to ensure that our concerns are heard and dealt with on the national level while maintaining a close connection to individual local facilities. He has built up the relationships needed to continue that process, and while eventually someone will need to step up and fill his shoes, I don’t believe that time is now. We at SFO have seen the dedication that Ham has to each of the facilities in his region as he has served us as if we were his home facility. I know the same can be said for many of the smaller towers in our district as well. From assisting with the aftermath of the Asiana crash to fighting for our upgrade and now ensuring that we get the best and safest possible equipment in our new tower, Ham has responded to all of our requests with speed, clarity and strength. That is why I will continue to support Hamid Ghaffari as my RVP.

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President