For many years, Ham has been a tireless supporter of our facility. His leadership, assistance and experience were
critical in dealing with the struggles we recently faced. His dedication to us is a testament of his character and reveals
his commitment to long-term education, involvement and activism. As he has done for us when our future was at stake,
we have decided to stand by him. Although the list of his achievements is long and accomplished, what sets Ham apart
is his unwavering loyalty and the personal investment he has put into our facility. There is no doubt he has done the
same in furthering the goals, empowering the next generation, and charting a clear direction for the Western Pacific

Please consider joining us in supporting Ham Ghaffari.

Daniel Nakamitsu
Rachel Jeremiah
Daniel Jeremiah
Kellie Lui
Kevin Taaca
Thomas Gurule
Jimmy Lake
Rosalina Serai
Shawn Lorenzo
Poliala Lorenzo
Curtis Kahiapo
TC Buffett

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President