Brothers and Sisters of NATCA,

I have known Ham Ghaffari since he first ran for RVP sometime around 2006. I was a newly elected FACREP at Falcon ATCT and we were just beginning to operate under the conditions of the White Book. I, as I’m sure others did, leaned heavily on Ham and his team’s expertise as we tried to navigate our way through the early days of the imposed work rules. I’m now the FACREP at Grand Canyon Tower and although life in the FAA is much better with our current collective bargaining agreement we still face challenges that often times cannot be solved at the local level. During all of my terms of office as FACREP, at either facility, I have never been disappointed with the assistance Ham or any of his LR reps have provided me when called upon to assist in correcting LR problems I might be having with local management.

For me, Ham’s sense of organization has always been the most notable and effective facet of his tenure as RVP. As RVP of a large region it must be difficult if not impossible to personally fight for or give advice on every LR issue that is elevated above the local arena. That is why Ham’s idea of having a network of LR representatives that are not only knowledgeable in handling questions but are also dedicated to providing assistance, day or night, 24/7, is so valuable to the local level FACREP.

From those White Book days, when we all were fighting the FAA and their imposed work rules, to this very moment when we here at GCN are again fighting the FAA in their attempt to arbitrarily impose extraordinary high rent increases to some of our governmental quarters, Ham has been there when I needed his help. It appears his assistance on this issue alone will save some of our members literally hundreds of dollars of rent per year. That kind of help just cannot be marginalized or ignored.

Grand Canyon tower is not a big facility. We are a level 5 facility with less than 12 controllers on board. Yet you would not know this from the effort we get any time we call either Jerry Johnston, our LR rep, or Ham. And believe me, Jerry and I particularly, have been working together on many issues here at GCN as of late. That’s the kind of response I’ve come to expect from my elected leadership in this region, and Ham nor anyone on his team has ever let me down.

While I’m sure the other candidates running for NWP RVP mean well and are good men in their own right, I see no reason for fixing what isn’t broken. In short, I wholeheartedly support Ham’s bid for re-election. I’ve learned over the years what to expect from Hamid Ghaffari as my RVP and I like and appreciate the job he’s done for us at the smaller facilities in this region. For these reasons and many more I’ll be voting for Ham’s reelection as RVP and I urge you to do the same.

James Carter

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President