I have been a member of NATCA’s Western Pacific Region since the first day that I was eligible to join NATCA. Working at ZLA I have had the pleasure of working with Ham as a coworker and, more importantly, I have had the pleasure of being represented by Ham first as my Facility Representative and over the last eight years as my Regional Vice President. Ham is a true professional and a born leader.

More recently I have worked closely with Ham as I serve as a State Coordinator on the Regional Legislative Committee. I hope that my fellow members would agree that legislative activity is the one facet of NATCA that can have the greatest effect on our working conditions; and I would argue that there is not an RVP in the country that is more dedicated to NATCA’s legislative endeavors than Ham. Ham truly understands and believes in the power of our relationships with member of Congress and he has been able to work those relationships to benefit members not only within the Western Pacific Region and but also throughout the country. Under Ham’s leadership this region has become the region that is looked to as a role model for how to improve legislative activism and how to dramatically increase its support for our elected officials.

At times, the legislative side of NATCA can be overlooked and not given the true importance that it deserves. Ham has never overlooked it because as a member, FacRep and as RVP he has been and continues to be in the legislative trenches working the halls of Congress and at events within the region. One has to look no further than February 28th when Ham joined EVP Trish Gilbert and others in recognizing a long time NATCA champion Rep. Ed Pastor from Arizona’s 7th congressional district for his outstanding and tireless work for this great union.

Ham is dedicated to this union, this region and all of its members. Ham has proven that he will place the right person in the right position regardless of years of service in the Agency and he continues to mentor those members that have shown a desire to get involved.

I am proudly endorsing Hamid Ghaffari for NATCA’s Western Pacific Regional Vice President for now and for the future because the future is now.

James Decker
ZLA NATCA Training Lead
NWP Legislative State Coordinator

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President