March 10, 2015

Dear NWP members,

I am announcing my support for Hamid Ghaffari for NATCA’s Western Pacific Regional Vice President (RVP).

I have seen this region grow under Ham’s leadership to levels we have never seen in the Western Pacific Region of NATCA and we continue to grow every day. He is a true leader, someone we have not had in as long as I have been involved in NATCA. Nothing against the previous NWP RVPs but Ham has taken us to a whole new level and I would like to see that stewardship continue. The sky is the limit for us under Ham’s leadership.

We are number one in Legislative Activism, our level of engagement of the NWP members is second to none and our involvement throughout the various levels of NATCA is as good as or better than any other region. These facts could not be said of the NWP prior to Ham taking over. We are at these levels because of Ham’s integrity, guidance, vision and drive.

Ham is doing a great job of making sure we are mentoring the next generation of leaders of NATCA. Ham’s concern has always been: activism, mentoring, having a deep bench and making sure we are developing anyone who shows any interest in helping NATCA grow for the future. A person who I have great respect for once told me you should always be looking to train your replacement. Ham is, in fact doing just that – he is training an army of replacements to ensure our region and our union are left in capable hands.

I think one of Ham’s greatest attributes is not managing the region as a one-man show. He seeks input on almost all decisions and he truly values people’s ideas. He is a great listener and open to suggestions. To me, this is one of the paramount characteristics of any leader – involving everyone and building consensus on decisions that need to be made.

We are truly a team in the NWP – from a member in any one of our wonderful facilities to the FACREPs to our RVP and everyone in between – one team, one union, one vision.

Please join me in supporting Ham for NATCA’s Western Pacific Regional Vice President.

In solidarity,

Jerry Johnston
Principal Facility Representative
President NATCA PHX Local

Click here to view Jerry’s Endorsement Letter

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President