I endorsed Ham when he first ran for this job years ago, and my faith and respect for him has only gotten stronger. Ham brought this region much needed strength, leadership and consistency. He always shows a willingness to listen to his membership, and is always there when you need advice.

His advocacy for mentorship for the new NATCAvists was never more apparent than when he had several of our young FacReps speak at our Regional Meeting about how they have handled their duties. The enthusiasm they showed was inspiring, even for us “more senior” types. He truly cares about the future of this region.

Although Hawaii is geographically distant from the rest of the region, Ham has always made us feel recognized and appreciated. He was especially there for us recently, when we were going through some very tumultuous times. While I won’t go into specifics, emotions ran very high during this time and Ham provided the steady leadership and advice we needed. Thank you for that Ham.

I remember one of my first trips to NATCA In Washington (years ago) and meeting with our newly elected Congresswoman. Ham sat with me during that meeting and taught me the importance of building relationships. That Congresswoman is now my Senator, and I am fortunate enough to have built a great relationship with that office, due in large part to Ham’s mentoring. He has always made the Legislative arm of this region a top priority.

I am proud to call Ham my friend, I am proud to call him my leader. I say we are lucky to have an RVP who brings this level of mentorship, leadership, empathy, loyalty and work ethic to our Region. I urge everyone to Re-elect Hamid Ghaffari !!!!!

Jimmy Lake
Former FacRep Honolulu Control Facility
NATCA Legislative Representative Hawaii and the Pacific NATCA National OJTI Workgroup Lead

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President