At the beginning of the century, our Union and profession started to incrementally come under attack from the FAA.  These attacks were at the direction of the then FAA Administrator and the White House.  These constant attacks ultimately culminated in the 2006 Imposed Work/Pay Rules, otherwise known as the white book.

At that time, our NATCA leadership stood up for us and refused a deal that would have created a two tier disparate pay system. Our leadership united us against the onslaught of vindictive management drunk on their own power bestowed upon them by an anti-union and anti-worker Administration.  And we prevailed.

Storm clouds are on the horizon again and we stand the very real possibility of repeating history. Sequestration is already with us to fight again. Privatization discussions are gaining momentum. Which is why we need experienced and tested leadership to ensure calmer seas ahead.

I am honored and with great humility accept an endorsement from our President who served us during our darkest hours and who stood up for us. It is with much thanks that I submit the following, from a mentor and dear friend, John Carr.


Dear Friends,

My name is Johnny “The Bull” Carr, and I served as your NATCA National President from 2000-2006.

It is an honor and a privilege to passionately and enthusiastically endorse Ham Ghaffari for the position of Regional Vice President of the Western Pacific Region.

Ham and I have been passionate NATCAvists together for over 20 years, and Ham’s strong leadership and influence have helped grow the Western Pacific Region from an afterthought to one of the most powerful labor houses in the country.  I have seen first-hand how Ham’s knowledge, integrity and amazing work ethic have served not only his region but the entire Union.  Incredibly, Ham continues to work traffic at his home facility, Los Angeles Center, and has never forgotten where his deep roots are.

When I was in office I gained a reputation as a quick responder, but I must say Ham Ghaffari’s consummate skill in rapidly communicating with his membership is second to none, including my own.  Ham answers phone calls, responds to texts or emails and continues to put out the finest regional update in the Union.  From Labor Relations to contract issues to assisting the new generation of NATCA members, Hamid Ghaffari has always done the hard work necessary to get the job done.

Ham’s steady hand and strong leadership are critical as this Union moves into the uncharted waters that lie ahead.  Ham has built firm working relationships with Congress, including meetings just last month with Senator Boxer’s staff as well as Senator Reid and Senator Schatz.  Ham’s reputation isn’t just a jingo:  he serves this great Union, from controllers to every bargaining unit, with trust, honor and integrity.

Ham Ghaffari is not late to this party or new to these issues—he has been working for you for the better part of twenty years.  Please understand:  now is not the time for OJT at the highest levels of leadership.  The NWP and the Union need Ham Ghaffari’s skills, smarts and strength as we move carefully into the future, and purposely from good to great.

Ham knows the contract and member’s rights as well as anyone, and when as President I needed someone to assist me with covert operations below the radar, it was Ham Ghaffari that I called.

Ham has built a leadership team in the Western Pacific Region that is second to none.  From labor relations to training, from safety to fatigue mitigation, from new equipment to chronic understaffing, there is not a better person to lead the Western Pacific Region for the next three years than Hamid Ghaffari.

Ham Ghaffari has made his case for your vote the old fashioned way:  he has earned it! 

I would like to encourage you to cast your vote for Ham Ghaffari for Regional Vice President of the great Western Pacific Region, and I encourage you to ask your friends to do the same.

In solidarity,

Johnny “The Bull” Carr
President Emeritus, NATCA

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President