Some may say why Ham? I ask you why not? Ham has continued to guide us through as a region through some difficult times. Redistricting, ERAM, & sequestration just to name a few. For those who think Ham is out of touch with the region think about this he’s got the hardest region to maintain from Guam to Arizona and he still finds the time to work traffic at ZLA. I believe that during my 6 years as a member of the Western Pacific region I have seen the good and bad, but at the end of the day I can say the region is a better place because of Ham.

For those still on the fence I quote the late Leonard Nimoy.
“You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. This is not logical, but is often true.”

We have a true leader brothers and sisters and his name is Ham.


Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President