Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you don’t know me, but it’s usually the unknown faces and names that tend to come out during important times, to make a difference. I have had the immense pleasure of being in and around aviation my entire life, and as a Southern California native, aviation and aerospace is a huge part of what makes this part of our country great. It’s also the same influence that makes our Union and our Region the greatest.

At the time of my employment with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller, I knew little about the backbone of what makes ATC such a respected and rewarding career. I had been a member of one of the largest organized labor groups in the United States for 7 years prior to becoming a NATCA member, but that didn’t hail in comparison to the warm welcome and true sense of family that I experienced as I signed the membership application in June of 2005 in Ham’s office.

At the time, Ham Ghaffari was the ZLA FacRep, and was arguably the most influential on insuring that our group of new hires had everything we needed to succeed. It was a tumultuous time, with the dreaded White Book looming on the horizon, but Ham stayed the course and kept all of his members in the loop. From the first day until present day, Ham has always been down to Earth and welcoming with his words, not just to the hard working NATCA members behind the scenes, but to the common brother and sister working in the trenches day in and day out like myself.

Ham has clearly enjoyed his position as RVP and overwhelmingly deserves to serve as RVP for another term. He is capable, caring, and charismatic. He has undoubtedly proven to be a man of trust, honor and integrity. His passion for the career is demonstrated every time he plugs into the boards to stay current, all the time juggling Union issues and family commitments. This passion is the common thread that holds us all together as professionals. It is my sincere honor to endorse Hamid Ghaffari for the Western Pacific RVP position.

Kevin Bannon
Los Angeles ARTCC

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President