I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement to re-elect Hamid “Ham” Ghaffari as Regional Vice President for the NATCA Western Pacific Region. NATCA’s overwhelming success in the Federal sector has been a beacon of hope for millions of other government employees. There is no finer guardian of that beacon to lead NATCA Western Pacific forward than Ham Ghaffari.  When Ham was elected to leadership in 2006 as NWP RVP our Region was a sleeping giant. Under his leadership, NATCA Western Pacific has leapt forward to national respect and prominence in LMR, Technical Workgroup leadership, Workforce engagement and PAC participation. It was my privilege to serve 10 consecutive years on the SCT Executive Board, and during that time Ham was always a highly responsive resource for NATCA SCT and every phone call was always returned.  More importantly, Ham was always a readily accessible RVP to the membership as a whole. Ham has championed numerous successful efforts to provide for more diverse work opportunities such as fighting for the return of the Flight Deck Training program.   In September 2006, our beloved Union entered into one its darkest and most challenging periods.  One of the reasons NATCA emerged triumphant and Reloaded was Ham’s wisdom and experience guiding our Region through the storm. Brothers and sisters, our current honeymoon with the FAA will likely not last forever.  If the shifting sands of national politics once again put the bullseye on federal employees, I know that Ham’s unwavering determination, forged in fires of the White Book, will be an enormous asset protecting our collective careers.  Please vote for continued NWP success and vote for Ham Ghaffari.

Kevin McLaughlin
Local Safety Council Lead
National Terminal ERAM SME
Southern California TRACON

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President