Brothers and sisters,

I am the kind of NATCA member who appreciates a busy day of working airplanes and not taking the stresses of work home to my family. I have been blessed to work in the Western Pacific Region at ZLA. All I’ve seen since I’ve been here are huge improvements in working conditions and a better relationship between NATCA and management. I give a big thanks to Hamid Ghaffari, our Western Pacific RVP, for working to improve these conditions every day.

I have worked with Hamid Ghaffari for 9 years and the first time I ever really talked to him, I asked him for a favor. I was continuing my education in air traffic and needed help working on my thesis. He was more than happy to help me with this task. He even invited me over to his house to work on my project. Every question I asked him about air traffic and labor relations he was able to answer. His willingness to take time out for me, someone he didn’t really even know, shows just what kind of person he is. He is always more than happy to help out any of his NATCA brothers and sisters with whatever issue we have.

Ham is a great leader, mentor and motivator for everyone around him. I will be supporting Hamid Ghaffari for RVP because I know his dedication to improve the Western Pacific Region will impact, not only our region, but NATCA as a whole, for the better.

— Kevin Seong – ZLA

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President