March 11, 2015

Dear NATCA brothers and sisters,

I am endorsing Ham Ghaffari for our Western Pacific Regional Vice President.  I have seen 14 years of Agency-Union relationships.  Ham has learned the lessons of the past which help him collaborate effectively today, side stepping common pitfalls management place in the way of our brother and sisters; and works to prepare those brothers and sisters to lead our union in the future.

Ham has supported SBA in some of our greatest accomplishments and he has stood by our side amongst our darkest moments.  During my time as facrep Ham supported me in rebuilding our facility.  He is true to our Union at heart and is constantly sacrificing self-interest for the good of others.  We need his tenacity to strengthen and secure our future.  I urge you to value transparency and vote for Ham.


Lisa Schaefer

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President