Dear NWP Members,

I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement for Hamid “Ham” Ghaffari as Regional Vice President for the NATCA Western Pacific Region.

I have had the privilege to work under Ham’s leadership since 2007, when I transferred to Tucson TRACON. Over the years, I have seen our region prosper and grow into a shining example of what NATCA stands for. Ham exemplifies the meaning of leadership. Whether it is his clear vision, steadfast determination, unwavering support or ability to make challenging decisions, Ham has always made NATCA and the membership of the Western Pacific Region his number one priority.

Here are some examples of why I support Ham:

1. Mentorship: Ham has always embraced and supported the continued growth of our future leaders. Ham has implemented numerous initiatives to ensure that we tap into our regional talent pool. Whether it is future Labor Relations Reps or Legislative Activists, he always strives to have a mentorship program in all lines of regional business.

 2. Training: Ham continues to be the National leader on training. As Air Traffic Controller’s we understand that without proper training our future will lack the necessary knowledge and skills to move our organization forward. Ham’s dedication to training has led to major improvements, not only in Air Traffic Training, but a complete renovation of the NATCA Academy. Currently we are seeing tremendous leaps in the knowledge base that Rep’s and Activists’ receive in all the NATCA classes.

3. Legislative Activism: There is no doubt that the Western Pacific Region has been and is currently the national leader when it comes to legislative activism. This has always been and will remain one of Ham’s top priorities. Ham has assembled a highly skilled and efficient team of regional activists to carry out his vision. His focus on individual locals is the cornerstone to the region’s success.

4. Fiscal Responsibility: Ham continues to focus on maximizing regional funding through responsible spending. He believes that it is more important to allocate funds for members to attend Conventions, CFS, NATCA in Washington, and Regional Meetings. His responsible financial management allows him to support facilities needs and travel when help is required..

These are just some of the examples of why Ham is the best person for RVP of the Western Pacific Region. I am proud to have a leader that stays above the political waves of pressure and who strives to make the right choices for our region. Being a successful RVP is not about making decisions to satisfy the will of outside agendas, but more importantly, it is critical that the direction and decisions are always made in the best interest of the hard working professionals in the Western Pacific Region. Ham understands this and is not afraid to stand up for what it is right.

Please join me in supporting Hamid Ghaffari for Regional Vice President of the Western Pacific Region!!!

In Solidarity,

Michael C. Ragucci,
President, NATCA Tucson TRACON (U90)
(520) 401-2320

Click here to view Michael’s Endorsement letter.

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President