I am again supporting Hamid Ghaffari for NATCA Western Pacific Regional Vice President.  I have always believed that past performance is the best indicator of future performance.  Ham has demonstrated that his vision and experience are very effective and have produced results on behalf of the membership.     He has always reached out to our younger activists, training them and placing them into regional leadership positions. Through his efforts the Western-Pacific Region certainly has one of the most prepared and deepest benches of activists in all of NATCA as a result.

Ham has demonstrated his ability to change as shown by his early adoption of collaboration.  He understands that in order to be successful in times of peace, you need to build relationships in the FAA and collaborate to create the best results. Ham has built and forged those relationships at every level of NATCA and the FAA. He has also demonstrated his knowledge of what to do when we are not in times of peace and the FAA refuses not only to collaborate, but intentionally violates the contract, or even their own work rules.  We are “hoping” nothing changes in the White House guidance to the FAA, but NATCA needs to prepare, not hope.  I know Ham understands what needs to be done if that day should arrive.   He has been there and done that many times.

He shares my belief that media is an effective tool in shedding light on issues important to NATCA. Whether it is equipment, staffing or procedures, Ham has been a leader in media messaging.

Increasingly, our legislative efforts are becoming more important.  It seems every week we are fighting off some questionable proposed legislation that could hurt our membership and our organization. Under Ham, the Western-Pacific has taken the lead in the legislative arena.

Ham’s leadership style has never been that of him running everything just because he has the expertise to do so.  Instead, he has created a very deep regional leadership and LR team and trained them all from Basic and advanced Fac Rep classes, through basic and advanced arbitration classes.  He then delegates work to the appropriate regional representatives and provides the requisite oversight to ensure the work is completed properly.

When this structure was first set up, I felt it was asking too much of some younger LR team members at the time, but I soon learned Ham was right about this.  Many of the younger reps have become LR stars even as our workload has dropped due to problem solving and collaboration.  Today, our region is more powerful than we have ever been.  We are better prepared for good times, or bad.  With this in mind, I am endorsing Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President.

Mike Foote

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President