Dear Western-Pacific NATCA members:

The entire PHX NATCA E-board would like to formally announce our endorsement for Hamid Ghaffari for NATCA’s
Western-Pacific Regional Vice-President. Mr. Ghaffari has been a great advocate for our members for the past eight
years and it would be an honor to have him lead us for another three years. We believe Mr. Ghaffari has led NATCA’s
Western-Pacific Region from one of the less dominant regions into one of NATCA’s most active and significant regions
in the country.

In Solidarity,

Jerry Johnston
President NATCA PHX Local

Blaine Jones
Vice-President NATCA PHX Local

Brian Fox
Treasurer NATCA PHX Local

Tony Arena
Secretary NATCA PHX Local

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President