Dear Western Pacific Region, It’s my pleasure to announce that Scottsdale ATCT NATCA leadership supports and endorses Ham Ghaffari to remain as our NATCA Western Pacific Regional Vice President.

All three candidates bring valuable experience to the table. However, it is clear to us that one stands above the rest. That man is Ham Ghaffari.  With talk of furloughs, sequestration, and privatization, It’s clear to us that we need a leader with proven experience who is prepared to battle on our behalf. These issues matter to us at SDL.

Ham and his leadership team have always been there for us at SDL and we see no reason why we can’t count on him to be there for us in the future. We ask you to join us in supporting Ham for reelection as our NATCA Western Pacific Regional Vice President.

Matthew Holland SDL NATCA President
Kimi Cooley-Miller SDL NATCA Vice President
Drew Dunham SDL NATCA Secretary
Dustin Becher SDL NATCA Activist

Re-Elect Hamid Ghaffari for Western-Pacific Regional Vice President